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Use the position equation given below, where s represents the height of the object (in feet), v0 represents the initial velocity of the object (in feet per second), s0 represents the initial height of the object (in feet), and t represents the time (in seconds), as the model for the problem.
s = −16t2 + v0t + s0A C-141 Starlifter flying at 20,000 feet over level terrain drops a 700-pound supply package.
(a) How long will it take until the supply package strikes the ground? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
1 seconds

(b) The plane is flying at 500 miles per hour. How far will the supply package travel horizontally during its descent? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
2 miles

  • Physics -

    a. d = ho + Vo*t -0.5g*t^2.
    20000 + 0 - 16t^2 = 0
    16t^2 = 20000
    t^2 = 1250
    Tf = 35.4 s. = Fall time.

    b. Dx = 500mi/h * (35.4/3600)h = 4.9 Mi.

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