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college physics

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A water-skier is being pulled at a steady speed in a straight line. her mass plus the mass of the ski is 65 kg. the pull of the tow rope on her is 520 N.

a...i) What is the vertical component Y of the push of the water on the ski??
....ii) What is the horizontal component X of the push of the water on the ski.( ignore air resistance)
....iii) Component X and the 520 N towing force form a clockwise couple acting on the water skier. explain how can she remain in equilibrium as she is towed along?

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    i) i suppose that the water behaves like a solid so the force of the water, componentY, is m*g=65kg*9.81m/s2
    ii) the force the water is only vertical and vanishes with the weight force(if no sinks or flies)
    iii)Component X is 0 the water-skier feels only the force of the rope

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