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if 14.7g of na reacts with 7.9g og br how many grams of nabr are found

  • chemistry -

    convert to moles
    14.7g Na = 0.639 moles Na
    7.9g Br = 0.099 moles Br

    Since each mole of Na reacts with 1 mole of Br, you should be able to figure out the result. (There will be some Na left over.)

  • note to anna -

    Anna, you can't get lazy in chemistry and not use caps when needed. na is not anything but two letters and I have no idea what og br is. Starting a sentence with a capital letter at least tells us where the sentence starts. A period helps us know where the sentence ends.
    This is not a tweet or facebook board and if you want help it behooves you to post the question with as much clarity as possible. Steve probably is smarter than I; he may have figures out that og is a typo and you intended to write of.

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