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A particle A of mass 2.11 kg collides with another particle B of mass 3.86 kg. Their initial velocities are u1 = 2.16i + 0.88j and u2 = 0.7i + 1.12j just before impact. After collision, they both merged and becomes a composite particle, which travel with a velocity of V.

Calculate the speed |V|, a scalar, in ms-1. Give your answer to 3 decimal places.

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    the momentum of the center of mass stays constant.

    p1 = m1*u1 = 4.5576i + 1.8568j
    p2 = m2*u2 = 2.7020i + 4.3232j
    p = p1+p2 = 7.2596i + 6.1800j
    |p| = 9.5338
    |v| = |p|/(m1+m2) = 1.597 m/s

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