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H2SO4 solution containing 200.1 g of H2SO4 in 0.3500 L OF solution has a density of 1.3294 g/ml.calculate
(A) Mass%H2SO4(m/m)

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    a. mass H2SO4 = 200.1g
    mass soln = 1.3294 g/mL x 350.0 mL = ?grams.
    mass% H2SO4 = (mass H2SO4/total mass)*100 = ?

    b. mass H2O = mass soln - mass H2SO4.
    mass% H2O = (mass H2O/mass soln)*100 = ?
    Note: Also 100%-%H2SO4 = %H2O.

    c. M = mols H2SO4/L soln (mols H2SO4 = 200.1/molar mass H2SO4).

    d. m = mols/kg solvent. mass solvent you can get from b.

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