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IHave Like 20 Of These Same problems..
Can You Help Me With These?..
1. Slope = 3/2 and passes through the origin.
Wiriting equations..

2. x-intercept = 4 and y-intercept = -3

3. Passes through (3, 2) and is parallel to 2x-y=4

4. Passes through (-1, -1) and is perpendicular to y=(5/2)x+3

  • Algebra.. -

    1. given slope, passes through origin:
    here m=3/2

    2. given x-intercept=a, y-intercept=b
    y=-(b/a)x + b
    here a=4, b=-3

    3. Given point (x0,y0) on line and slope m:
    m=2 (coefficient of x in given line)

    4. Given point (x0,y0) on line, and perpendicular to slope m
    Given slope m=5/2,
    slope of perpendicular m'= -1/m = -2/5
    Line: (y-y0)=m'(x-x0)
    Slope m = 2

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