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The average raindrop has a diameter of 2.55mm. Columbus, OH has an average rainfall of 38.52 inches per year. You know how to find the volume of a sphere and diameter and volume= L*W*H and that 1 meter = 39.37 in. Leap year = 366 days/year. How many rain drops fall on a square meter in Columbus, OH per day in a leap year?

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    38.52in/yr * 1yr/366day = 0.1052in/day
    = 2.673mm/day

    2.673mm/day * (1000mm/m)^2 = 2.673*10^6mm^3/day on a 1m^2 surface

    1.673*10^6mm^3/day * 1drop/(pi/6 *2.55^3)mm^3 = 192697.8 drop/day

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    Is it 2

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