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I'm suppose to 'determine whether the equation is an identity or a conditional equation.

A) -6(x-3)+5 = -2x+10
I solved this and got x = 13/4. How am I suppose to figure out whether its identity or conditional equation?

Same goes with this problem
B) -7(x-3)+4x = 3(7-x)
-7x+21+4x = 21-3x
-21-3x = 21- 3x ?

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    x=13/4 means that the equation is valid only at x=13/4, and is not valid elsewhere.
    Would that be an identity or a conditional equation?

    There was an arithmetical error on the last line:
    -7x+21+4x = 21-3x
    +21-3x = 21- 3x
    So after cancelling, we get
    Would that be a conditional equation or an identity (i.e. true for all values of x)?

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