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Math/Chemistry PLS HELP

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Find the absolute and percent relative uncertainty and express each answer with a reasonable amount of significant figures.

9.2(+ or -0.7)*(0.0054(+-0.3)+0.0056(+-0.7)
The Algebraic answer: 0.1012
Absolute error?
Relative error %?

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    Step 1: Use order of operations, multiplication before addition. Percent uncertainty is required for multiplication, %e=sqroot((0.7/9.2)*100)^2+(0.3/0.0054)*100)^2)
    step 2: Now add the two numbers together, using absolute uncertainty for addition e=sqroot((your number from the previous calculation)^2+(0.7)^2)= gives your absolute uncertainty.
    Step 3: To find percent uncertainty from absolute uncertainty simply divide your percent uncertainty by your final algebraic answer * 100

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