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I am stuck with this logic problem:

Logic – Jack of All Trades

Trudy loves learning new things and is always taking some course or other forum the local college’s adult education program. She’s signed up for four upcoming classes – calligraphy, picture framing, stained glass, and upholstery. Each class will meet during a different month – March, April, May, or June – and features a different instructor (two are men and two are women; surnames are Kramer, Luu, Nielson, and Ortega). Can you find each month’s class and instructor?

1. The stained- glass course and June’s course will be taught by women.

2. Luu and the picture framing instructor are both men.

3. Kramer’s course will take place sometime before the stained glass course, which in turn will be held sometime before Ortega’s course.

4. May’s course is in upholstery.
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    March Picture Framing Mr. Kramer
    April Stained Glass Ms. Nielson
    May Upholstery Mr. Luu
    June Calligraphy Ms. Ortega

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