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The Peterman Publishing Company has decided that no published book should cost more than 10 cents per page. Create a BookException class whose constructor requires three arguments: a string Book title, a double price and an int number of pages. Create an error message that is passed to the Exception class constructor for the [I]message[I] property when a Book does not meet the price-to-pages ratio. For example an error message might be:

For Goodnight Moon,raio is incalid
...Price is $12.99 for 25 pages

Create a Book class that contains fields for title, author, price , and number of pager. Include properties for each fields. Throw a BookException if a client program tries to construct a Book object for which the price is more than 10 cents per page. Create a program that creates at least four Book objects- some were the ration is acceptable and the others where it is not. Catch any thrown exceptions and display the BookException Message.

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