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substance abuse couseling

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1.Prewrite about your field of study and create a specific job for which you might want to apply at a particular business or organization in your area.Outline what that position would look like.Brainstorm details,names,titles,and facts to provide depth to your paragraph and enable you to write a polished paragraph.
2. Freewrite about the different experiences you've had that motivated you to choose your area of study.Pick one on which to focus-one that triggers sparks of enthusiasm.Review your prewriting and choose what's most pertinent to the experience and position.Decide on an organizational pattern, such as a chronological outline,and arrange those details into a logical,coherent flow.
3.Open a Word document and type the heading Paragraph 1.Begin your rough draft with the topic sentence,in which you state the position and place,as well as your reason for wanting to be hired as it relates to your inspiring experience.Develop the experience you organized in step 2.Include not only details about the one experience,but also show how that experience inspired you,particulary as it relates the position for which you're applying.Develop your paragraph using clear,varied sentences containing concrete words and transitions or connectives to create a logical flow.
Show enthusiasm,yet maintain a somewhat formal tone.
4. Save the document using your name,student number,and exam number.Do not try to revise or proofread this paragraph yet, but begin work on the next paragraph.

This is what i have so far..
I am very eager about establishing my career as a certified substance abuse counselor. I would like to work at any mental health clinics, hospitals, or behavioral health services. The position would be very friendly, non- judgmental, and welcoming atmosphere. I will be working with a successful team in a dynamic organization. Anderson/Oconee County behavioral health service would be the clinic of my choice it offers, the community-based prevention, assessment, and intervention treatment and referral services. It is a very well-known and caring facility. The experiences that I have had were my biological parents abused drugs and became addicts. I would like to help people that have chosen a life just like them. I want to be able to help addicts overcome a dependency problem and have sense of a camaraderie or a feeling of obligation to help others with the same problem they’ve addicts along the path of recovery in to discover a life of sobriety, this to me is the best gift to offer a drug and alcohol addict has. When becoming a certified substance abuse counselor, you’ll need to have empathy, compassion, warmth, a strong understanding of addiction, and the desire to help others. I feel a great satisfaction in helping to rehabilitate former drug addicts. I want to give hope to people who often see no light at the end of the tunnel. To be able to help addicts along the path to recovery in order to discover a life of sobriety, which to me is to offer the best gift drug and alcohol addicts ever receive.

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