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Find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each function.
Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane
( if this makes sense, not sure how else to show it. the -x/3 is after the e like -x/3 to the power of e)

please help me! show steps also, if i an just given an answer that wont help me! thanks in advance!!!

  • algebra -

    y = 4+e^-x/3
    y-4 = e^-x/3
    ln(y-4) = -x/3
    x = -3ln(y-4)

    so, f inverse = -3ln(x-4)

    for domain, recall that ln(u) is defined only for u>0

    domain for exponentials and range for logs is all reals

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