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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 6:02pm.

For questions 13-15, select the answer that correctly identifies the part of speech of the all caps word.

1. Katrina wanted to vist her grandmother AND grandfather over the weekend.

a. conjuntion
b. noun

2. "OH" her mother said, "why don't we go Saturday.

a. noun
b. interjection

3. Before the left, Katrina made sure to pack the VERY special gift.

a. adjetive
b. noun

4. Some students had never used the program BEFORE.

a. adverb
b. preposition

5. BEFORE the first day of school, they had played games.

a. adverb
b. preposition

6. When they first were offered the help option the zipped PAST.

a. adverb
b. prepesition

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