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find the value of a and b , so that 10x to the power 4 + 17x to the power 3 - 62x to the power 2 + 24x -bx -5 +a,is divisible by 2x to the power 2 + 7x - 1 ?

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    I assume you know how to perform long algebraic division , so I will only enter my last line result

    I obtained an answer of 5x^2 - 9x + 3 with a remainder of (-6-b)x + a-2

    but it said it divided evenly, so
    -6-b = 0 ----> b = -6
    and a-2 = 0 ---> a=2

    You can test this by replacing a and b into the original and repeating the division, this results in an exact answer.

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