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over the years, the thermite reaction has been used for welding railorad rails, in incendiary bombs, and to ignite solid fuel rocket motors. The reaction:
Fe2O3(s) + 2 Al (s) -> 2 Fe(l) + Al2O3 (s)
What masses of iron ( III) oxide and aluminum must be used to produce 15.0 grams of iron? What is the maximum mass of aluminum oxide that could be produced?

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    15g of Fe is 15/55.845 = 0.2686 moles

    Each mole of Fe requires 1 mole of Fe2O3 and 2 moles of Al.

    mol wt Fe2O3 = 2*55.845+3*15.999 = 159.687
    mol wt Al = 26.982
    so, we need
    .2686*159.687 = 42.9g Fe2O3
    .2686*2*26.982 = 14.5g Al

    mol wt Al2O3 = 2*26.982+3*15.999 = 101.961
    so, we get .2686*101.961 = 68.9g Al2O3

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    We first check if the equation is balanced and according to our equation its already balanced.2nd we find the ratios from the equation.
    2 = :2
    x = :mass over
    rmm=the answer you u will find when u do mol=mass/rmm.
    Then n=mass/molar mass
    Mass=mol x rmm
    mass=0.134 x 159.6

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