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Standing on the top ledge of a 55 m high building you throw a ball straight up with an initial speed of 29 m/s. How long to the nearest second, does it take to hit the ground?

Answer after rounding is 7 seconds.

The next question is "If the building in the previous problem is 44 meters high and you throw the ball up at 30 m/s, how high to the nearest meter does it go?"

I don't understand how to figure out what the highest meter is.

  • Physics (2nd question) -

    Apparently you have already answered question 1. If not, see the "related Question" below.

    Question 2:

    If the ball starts at a height of Ho = 44 m, if loses the available kinetic energy until it reaches the maximum height Hmax
    g*Ho + Vo^2/2 = g*Hmax
    (Hmax-Ho)= Vo^2/(2g) = 45.9 m
    Hmax = 89.9 m

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