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I not sure what formula to use for KE or how to find the mass for the equation.
Water is flowing through a 2-inch diameter pipe with a velocity of 3 ft/s.
Part A
What is the kinetic energy of the water in (ft)(lbf)/(lbm)? (lbf) pound force (lbm) pound mass
Part B
What is the flow rate in gal/min?

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    A. find area of pipe (PI*r^2).
    volume water= area*velocity (watch units, I recommend covert ara to ft^2)

    mass water=volumewater*densitywater

    KE=1/2 m v^2

    b. just convert wha tyou have given.

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    Angel, I have to say it bothers me that your teacher is wasting time teaching you all these different systems, when what you need to be concentrating on is the concepts in the SI measurement system. He probably disagrees.

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    If you cannot figure this out on your own then you do not need to be a Chemical Engineer. Pick a different major. Question 2.2.10 Basic Principles and Calculations In Chemical Engineering

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    Those you doubt those who need help can shut up! i am glad you asked this! You are learning and so am I. And the reason that the teacher are teaching this particular question is because American Engineers have to deal with both AE Units and SI and we need to know how to convert both (quickly) Practice Practice Practice

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