February 20, 2017

Homework Help: Science, Astrenomey

Posted by The Curse Word Destroyer, age 11 on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 9:45am.

This is my theory, read well if you wish to know the truth: according to the big bang, there is a equal amount of anti-matter to the matter, BUT nearly all that matter is missing! In this theory there was NO anti-matter when the earth was made. anti-matter is made when something goes into a black hole, then comes out a white hole as anti matter. BUT you cant see a black Hole because, light comes from the sun and reflects off your eyes, then it bounces off something else and then it comes back to your eyes. if light cannot escape a black hole then how can you see it? you cant see nothing, can you? perhaps your brain thinks its a extra blind spot and the sub conscious mind fills up the space where it sees nothing. if black holes done exist then i have another way anti-matter was formed; when something is burned it loses weight in ash, for example: get a big log, then burn it. the size and density of the ashes left is less, less heavy, less matter. where did the matter go? it MUST have turned into anti matter! if you need to correct me or prove me wrong then, go ahead, i want to see if i'm right! am i right?

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