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1. Regarding management and leadership, which statement is
most accurate?
A. Leaders can be good managers, and good managers can
be leaders.
B. Leaders aren’t managers, and managers aren’t leaders.
C. Leadership and management are entirely unrelated.
D. Most effective managers aren’t good leaders.
2. On an organizational chart, span of control refers to the
A. number of departments in a company.
B. number of employees responsible for particular kinds of
C. skills a manager must have to supervise any number of
D. number of subordinates a manager supervises.
3. According to _______ theory, employees compare the inputs and outputs of other
employees doing similar jobs. Unfavorable comparisons may lead to slacking off on
their work or asking a supervisor for either an explanation or a raise.
A. equity C. reinforcement
B. MBO D. perceived fairness
4. Which of the following statements about Maslow’s needs hierarchy is correct?
A. Esteem needs must be satisfied before one strives to fulfill social needs.
B. Self-actualization is a growth need.
C. Safety needs are more basic than physiological needs.
D. Social needs are considered more important globally than security needs.
5. In an organizational hierarchy, which position is most likely to come under the category
of first-line management?
A. Factory foreman C. Plant manager
B. Head of the legal department D. Vice president for sales
6. In a labor-management dispute, _______ requires representatives of both parties to
argue their case before an unbiased third party whose judgment on the dispute is final
and binding on both parties.
A. an injunction C. arbitration
B. mediation D. amelioration
7. While _______ leaders plan activities and timelines and keep the group on task,
_______ leaders help diffuse conflicts and encourage cooperative effort.
A. formal; task C. informal; task
B. task; social D. social; task
8. The American Federation of Labor was formed under the leadership of
A. John L. Lewis. C. Samuel Gompers.
B. Uriah Stephens. D. George Meany.
9. Based on a _______ statement, a company sets long-term _______ mutually agreed
on by workers and management and, from these, sets specific, short-term _______.
A. mission; goals; objectives C. mission; objectives; goals
B. vision; objectives; goals D. vision; goals; objectives
10. The idea that people working at similar jobs requiring the same levels of education,
skills, or training should receive equal pay is called _______ worth.
A. equivalent C. consistent
B. equitable D. comparable
11. According to Herzberg’s research related to his two-factor theory, the highest-ranked
motivating factor turned out to be
A. peer and group relationships. C. sense of achievement.
B. pay. D. job status.
12. In a line-and-staff pattern of organization, which position is most likely to serve a staff
A. Plant manager C. Shift supervisor
B. Director of marketing research D. Chief financial officer
13. The researchers conducting the Hawthorne plant studies found that
A. productivity in the test room went up and down, depending on lighting and work
B. workers in the test room voiced complaints about being observed.
C. after being observed for a while, productivity in the test room declined.
D. the workers in the test room saw themselves as a social group.
14. Within an organization, the first step in human resource planning is
A. preparing an employee inventory.
B. conducting job analyses.
C. writing out job descriptions.
D. preparing job specifications.
15. If you carry out a SWOT analysis, you know that the “O” stands for
A. outliers. C. outlines.
B. opportunities. D. oddities.
16. When hired by Imp, Inc., Jake immediately began his job as an inventory clerk. He was
learning by doing in an approach to employee training called
A. apprenticing. C. on-the-job training.
B. employee orientation. D. vestibule training.
17. Following Herzberg’s findings, managers strove to make jobs more interesting. One
approach to this end, called job _______, involves combining several job tasks into a
single, more challenging task.
A. rotation C. autonomy
B. enrichment D. enlargement
18. In _______ planning, one assigns specific tasks, selects the people to perform them,
and specifies how they’re to be done.
A. strategic C. tactical
B. operational D. contingency
19. Among pay systems, the term variable pay usually applies to people who are paid
A. for each product they produce.
B. based on a percentage of their sales.
C. through bonus plans.
D. an hourly wage.
20. Under a flextime plan, ________ time is a period of the workday during which employees
are expected to be present and busy in the workplace.
A. fixed C. core
B. base D. flex
21. Which of the following statements about Theory Y is correct?
A. The average worker prefers to be directed.
B. Workers have to be pushed and controlled to do their jobs.
C. Most people work toward goals to make money and reduce fear.
D. Most people like work and find it as natural as play or rest.
22. The concept of reasonable accommodation is directly associated with
A. the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
B. Title VII.
C. the Age Discrimination Act of 1967.
D. the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.
23. In a three-year study of bricklaying, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth developed a principle of
motion _______ by which every job could be broken down into elementary motions
called therbligs.
A. economy C. efficiency
B. effectiveness D. energy
24. Manager Joe presents problems to his work group and gets suggestions before making
a decision. Joe’s management style is
A. free-rein.
B. autocratic.
C. participative/democratic.
D. a blend of autocratic and participative.
25. Which of the following illustrates intrinsic reward?
A. Jolie’s work is praised by her supervisor.
B. Clark gets a promotion.
C. Natalia finds her work personally satisfying.
D. Rodrigo is saving overtime pay for a trip to Miami

13 B
please can some one check my answers to see if there are correct

  • management - ,

    Your first five answers are wrong.

  • management - ,

    Would these answers be correct

  • management - ,

    13) is not a
    17) is not b

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