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A 1500 m race is divided into 3 equal, 500 m, sections. In the first section, a racer accelerates from rest at 3.0 m/s^2. In section 2, his velocity reduces steadily to 70 m/s and in section 3, he constantly slows until he stops on the finish line. How long did the entire trip take?

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    stage I:
    500 = 3/2 t^2
    t = 18.26s
    v = 3*18.26 = 54.78m/s

    How can he "reduce" his speed from 54 to 70m/s in stage II?

    What did I miss? Is there a typo?

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    the other equation you can use use is:
    sqrt(2(3m/s^2)(500m))=54.78 m/s

    same thing.

    for the second part you use the same equation and solve for A. Then plug it in to Vf=Vi+AT, solve for T.

    for the third you do the same thing.

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