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I have been stuck on this for a while now and cant figure out what it is i am doing wrong HELP!!!

A tennis ball with a velocity of 15.5 m/s is
thrown perpendicularly at a wall. After strik-
ing the wall, the ball rebounds in the opposite
direction with a speed of 9.3 m/s.
If the ball is in contact with the wall for
0.015 s, what is the average acceleration of
the ball while it is in contact with the wall?

  • physics -

    aq = (V-Vo)/t = (-9.3-15.5) 0.015=-1660

    NOTE: The final velocity is in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is

    A 2nd interpretation:

    While the ball is in contact with the wall, its' velocity is o.
    a = (0-15.5) / 0.015 = 1033.3 m/s^2.

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