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what is the kinetic energy of a ball with a mass of 5 kg rolling at 10 m/s

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    Total kinetic energy depends upon whether the ball is solid or hollow. Total kinetic energy is the sum of translational kinetic energy (Etran),
    (M/2)*V^2, and rotational kinetic energy (Erot). The rotational kinetic energy depends upon the moment of inertia.
    Erot = (1/2)I*w^2
    where w = V/R.

    For a solid ball of uniform density,

    I = (2/5)M*R^2, and
    Erot = (1/2)(2/5)M*R^2*(V/R)^2
    = (M/5) V^2

    Etotal = Etrans + Erot = (7/10)M*V^2

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