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4 boards (1 inch X 8inchs X 6feet} and 3 boards (1 inch X 6 inches x 4feet}= how many board feet?
1 board foot =1 inch by 12 inches x 12inches

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    Find the total volume in cubic inches and divide by 144 cubic inches/board-foot.

    will be the answer.
    I will let you find that using your calculator.

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    the answer is 1730.25. The first part of the equation equals 2,304 then you add the 3 to it to make it 2,307 then you will times that by the second equation which is 108 and that will equal 249,156 when that is divided by 144 u get the answer

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    To Roxann:
    when we have mixed addition and multiplications, the priority of operations dictate that multiplications and divisions take precedence over addition and multiplication.
    For example,
    (5*2)+(3*4) (* & ÷ before + & -

    (5*2+3)*4 would not be the right way to do it.

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