March 29, 2017

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Hydrogen fluoride is used in the manufacture of Freons (which destroy ozone in the stratosphere) and in the production of aluminum metal. It is prepared by the reaction below.
CaF2 + H2SO4 CaSO4 + 2 HF
In one process 9.00 kg of CaF2 are treated with an excess of H2SO4 and yield 2.76 kg of HF. Calculate the percent yield of HF.

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    1. Convert 9.00 kg CaF2 to mols. mols = grams/molar mass.

    2. Use the coefficients to convert mols CaF2 to mols HF.

    3. Convert mols HF to grams. g = mols x molar mass and change to kg. This is the theoretical yield (TE)

    4. %yield = (actual yield/TE)*100 = ?


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    I did that but i have no idea why my answer in wrong ? it should be 93 and i got 45

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