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A neutron causes the element 88X232 to change according to the reaction 0n1 + 88X232 ---->ZYA + . Identify the (a) atomic number and (b) atomic mass number of the daughter nucleus. (c) This product subsequently undergoes - decay, and its daughter does too. Identify the atomic number of the final nucleus. (d) Give the atomic mass number of this final nucleus.

Any help here would be much appriciated! I don't even understand the equations

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    0n1 + 88X232 ---->ZYA

    element 88 is radium Ra

    0n1 + 88Ra232 ---->88Ra233

    There is either infromation missing in the question or is it Ra223 you are starting with?

    If so the question makes more sense

    0n1 + 88Ra223 ---->88Ra224

    and Ra 224 under goes alpha decay to

    88Ra224 -> 2He4 + 86Rn220

    (half life is about 3.7 days and is part of the well known thorium 232 decay series).

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