March 30, 2017

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1.The graph of y = - 1/2 |x - 5| - 3 can be obtained from the graph of y = |x| by which transformations?
What is the horizontal shift?
By what factor is the graph stretched or shrunk vertically and how is it reflected?
What is the vertical shift?
2. Find the following for the function f(x) = (x + 6)^2 (x - 4)^2
(a) Find the x-and y-intercepts of the polynomial function f.
(b) Determine whether the graph of f crosses or touches the x-axis at each x-intercept
(c) Put all the information together to obtain the graph of f.
The x-intercept(s) is (are)?
The y-intercept of f is?
Does the graph cross or touch the x-axis at the smaller x-intercept?
Does the graph cross or touch the x-axis at the larger x-intercept?
What is the graph suppose to look like for this question?
Thanks for the help.

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