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Homework Help: Program logic design

Posted by Moe on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 2:27pm.

• Assignment 1: Chocolate Delights Candy Company, Part 1
Due Week 5 and worth 210 points

Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy.

Design a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following:
1. A program that accepts a candy name (for example, “ chocolate-covered blueberries”), price per pound, and number of pounds sold in the average month, and displays the item’s data only if it is a best-selling item. Best-selling items are those that sell more than 2,000 pounds per month.
2. A program that accepts candy data continuously until a sentinel value is entered and displays a list of high-priced, best-selling items. High-priced items are those that sell for $10 per pound or more.
3. Identify outcomes in Visual Logic the lowest-selling items (those that sell 200 pounds or less). This way, owners can decide if they want to put those items on sale, lower their price, discontinue the item, etc.
4. Identify outcomes in Visual Logic the items that generate the most income. In other words, multiply the price per pound times the number of pounds sold per month, and list items that generate $6,000 or more per month.
Note: The Visual Logic program that you create must be fully functional in order for you to get full credit. If you want to include a short write-up to explain your logic further, you may do so in order to receive additional credit. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
• Demonstrate the use of algorithms and pseudocoding to the problem-solving process.
• Distinguish among the basic types, steps, and properties of programming.
• Apply the techniques of functional decomposition, modularization techniques, and debugging strategies into program design.
• Describe the features and fundamental data structures of programming design.
• Select and create the appropriate conditional and iteration constructs for a given programming task.

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