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physics constant angular acceleration

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A wheel with radius 25.2 cm rotates with constant angular acceleration 3.75 rad/s2 (radians per second per second). If at t = 0 s, the angular speed of the wheel is 4.3 rad/s, how long does it take the wheel to complete 4 revolutions?

  • physics constant angular acceleration -

    4 rev.= 4*2*pi radians
    use the formula for angular motion:

    theta = W0*t + (1/2)*alpha*t^2 .....(1)

    here theta = 4*2*pi
    W0 = 4.3
    alpha = 3.75

    Solve the quadratic eqn.(1)to get the value of t (time)

    The data on radius of the wheel has no use in solving this problem.

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