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1. Which one of the following correctly states how gussets for panties are generally made?

A. With a single layer of garment fabric in one piece.
B. With two layers of cotton fabric in two separate pieces.(yes)
C. With two layers of garment fabric in two or four separate pieces.
D. With two layers of garment fabric in six separate pieces.

2. Two seams recommended for use when making underwear and baby clothes are

A. French and run and fell.(yes)
B. open and French
C. standing
D. whipped and flat fell.

3. Garments for young babies should have which one of the following sleeve treatments?

A. Sleeveless
B. Cap sleeve
C. Raglan sleeve.(yes)
D. Set-in sleeve

4. When a one-piece maternity dress is selected, ideally it should be

A. simple and uncluttered in style.(yes)
B. eye-catching in waistline details.
C. ruffled in several layers or tiers.
D. very short, if fashion demands it.

5. What should the seam allowances be trimmed to for a standing fell seam?

A. 1/8 in. and 3/8 in.(yes)
B. 3/8 in. and 5/8 in.
C. ½ in. and ¾ in.
D. 5/8 in. and 1 in.

6. The most pleasant fabric for adult nightwear is said to be

A. nylon.
B. cotton.
C. rayon
D. silk.(yes)

7. In this study unit, instructions are provided for which one of the following at the waistline of under

A. Snaps
B. Elastic.(yes)
C. Velcro
D. Hooks and eyes

8. A warm sleeping bag for a baby can later be converted into a
A. nightgown.(yes)
B. bathrobe.
C. slip
D. dress.

9. What kind of jackets are normally included in a layette pattern?

A. Crib
B. Kimono.(yes)
C. Romper
D. Outdoor

10. What is the ideal fabric for a christening robe?

A. Silk
B. Lawn.(yes)
C. Chiffon
D. Satin

11. You’re planning to sew a dress for a toddler who is 36 inches tall and has a chest measurement
of 22 inches. According to Table 2 in this study unit, what size toddler pattern should you buy?

A. Size 1
B. Size 2
C. Size 3.(yes)
D. Size 4

12. What type of fabric would not be suitable for a French seam?

A. Cotton
B. Nylon.(yes)
C. Lawn
D. Broadcloth

  • design -

    I don't know about 1 and 11, but the others are right.

  • thank you! Ms. sue. -

    thank you so much! Ms. sue.

    You are so generous. I love you so much.

    100% sure I will get an (A+)on my test.


  • design -

    You're very welcome. Good luck!

    Btw -- I sewed a lot for years -- and never encountered some of the situations you're being tested on. Who makes panties????

  • design -

    1 is wrong, I chose that answer myself and found out it was incorrect, but 11 is correct, a size 4 would be too big, the patterns include room for a diaper. Number 8 is incorrect, reread the paragraph that begins with Any decoration should be... it's on page 7. This site has helped me with my tests, I compare my choices/answers to what is here, and then go over my work again to see if I am sure. I got a 90% on this, but am going to retake to get that 100%!

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