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The power developed by a man in riding up a 6 percent grade at a constant speed is 200 w. The man and his bicycle have a combined mass of 80 kg. Determine the speed of riding

  • Dynamics -

    Power = (Rate of increase of potential energy)

    A 6% grade is an angle of arctan 0.06 = 3.4336 degrees. The sine of that angle is 0.0599

    200 = M*g*V sin3.4336
    = 784 *V*0.0599

    V = 4.25 m/s

  • Dynamics -

    A pelt on wheel attains its operating speed of 800rev/min within 2 s after it is turned on. determine the constant angular acceleration of the pelton wheel. also find the total number of revolution the wheel makes before it attains its operating speed.

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