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Earth Science

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I need help with the following Lab due tonight, 7/30/12, as I feel completely lost and would appreciate the help. The lab goes as follows:

Design an experiment that illustrates the determination of the density of a cylindrical object found in the Lab Kit.
Prepare a dynamic Excel spreadsheet to record data and perform the calculations necessary to find the densities and compute the percent difference between them.
Make the necessary measurements that allow the calculation of the volume of the object by the two methods described above (i.e., direct measurement with a ruler and water displacement). Note: If there is no access to a balance (or scale) to measure the mass of the cork, use 4.65 g for the mass.
Record this data in the Excel spreadsheet.
Write the Laboratory Report using the steps outlined above (steps 1-9) in Microsoft Word. Steps (6, 7 and 8) are placed in the Excel spreadsheet and the spreadsheet is placed in the Word document.

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