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A room is 11ft by 21ft and it needs painted. The ceiling is 8ft above the floor. There are two windows in the room, each is 3ft by 4ft. The door is 2.5ft by 6.5ft.
a)Find the area the walls and ceiling to be painted.
b)One gallon of paint covers 72.63 sq ft. How many gallons needed to paint the room?
c)At $22.77 a gallon, what is the cost to paint the room?

* The area of the walls and the ceiling to be painted is?___________

  • geometry -

    L = 21 Ft
    W = 11 Ft
    h = 8 Ft.

    a. A=2(W*h)+2(L*h)+(L*W)-2(3*4)-(2.5*6.5).
    A=176 + 336 + 231-24-16.25=703 Ft^2 =
    Area to be painted.

    b. Gal = 703Ft^2 / 72.63Ft^2/gal = 9.7.

    c. Cost = 22.77/gal * 9.7gal = $220.40.

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