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Okay there is a question in my book, but go figure it's one that doesn't have the answer in the back of the book for me to check my answer.

it says predict the effect each change has on the solubility of (1)Na2CO3(s); (2)N2(g)

a. increase in temperature
b. decrease in temperature
c. increase in pressure
d. decrease in pressure

After reading the laws this is what I have figured

a. N2 solubility decreases, Na2CO3 solubility increases

b. N2 solubility Increases, Na2Co3 solubility decreases and precipitates

c. N2 solubility increases, Na2CO3 (I'm not sure)

d. N2 solubility decreases, Na2CO2 (I'm not sure)

Can you help?


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    I could help if I knew the question. Solubility Na2CO3 in what? Solubility N2 in what? If in water then your answers are correct. For c and d on solubility Na2CO3 for increase and decrease in pressure, there is essentially no change. Liquids and solids don't change much with changing pressure.

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