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Posted by Sheri on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 2:34pm.

A researcher wants to see if gender plays a role in where we sit in a restaurant. An analysis of survey data yields the following contingency table, chi-squared value, and p-value:

Tabulated statistics: Gender, Seating

Rows: Gender Columns: Seating

Back Front Middle All

Female 14 28 84 126
Male 18 18 63 99
All 32 46 147 225

Pearson Chi-Square = 2.469, DF = 2, P-Value = 0.291

a. What is the interpretation of the p-value for the Chi-Squared Statistic value of 2.469?
my answer:
There is no realtionship in this population

b. What is the conclusion based on the p-value?

my answer: the p value is a probability

c. What are the null and alternative hypotheses for this Chi-Squared Test?

My answer: the null- More males sit in the front and middle in restaurant
Alternative : the females sit in the back of the restaurant

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