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A popular carnival ride consists of a large, round room that rotates fast enough that any person
standing against the wall will be stuck there, even as the floor is dropped away from their feet. The
coefficient of static friction between the person and the wall is μs
, and the radius of the cylinder is R.
a) Find an equation for the minimum period of rotation, T, needed to keep the people in place on the
wall. This equation will include μs
, R, g and π.
b) Solve for T if R = 4.00 m and μs = 0.60. What is the room's angular speed in rpm?

  • Physics -

    Centripetal acceleration is
    a= v² /R= ω²R=(2π/T)²R

    m(2π/T)²R =μmg.
    4π²R/T= μg.
    T=4π²R/ μg

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