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You want to design a helium-filled balloon that will lift a total payload of 1225 kg. What volume of helium is needed to just barely lift this payload?

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    Use Archimedes' Principle.

    Volume*(Air density) = Payload + (Volume)*(Helium density)

    Solve for Volume.

    You will need to assume a temperature and pressure. I suggest 15 C and 1 atmosphere.

    At sea level and at 15°C , the density of air is 1.275 kg/m^3. Helium would be 4/29 of that, or 0.176 kg/m^3

    V = 1225 kg/(1.275 - 0.176)kg/m^3
    = 1115 m^3

    The "payload" is assumed to include the weight of all balloon materials, not just cargo

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