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i had 2 question left to finish but i cant really undersdand how to do it

9)design an elextrochemical cell using Pb(s) and Mn(s) and theire solutions and answer the following questions:
i answerd a-i all that is left is j which is:
indicate the substance oxidise,substance reduce, oxidizing agent, and reducing agent
if i say Mn is substance reduction and Pb is also substance reduction would that be correct?

next question is 11) for the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of AuCl3(aq)
i did a-c all that is left is d) state the products of the electrolysis and i have no ideo what to do here
thanks in advance

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    No, the material you name as the reducing agent can't be two different materials.
    The substance oxidized is the one that loses electrons and the substance reduced is the one that gains electrons.
    The oxidizing agent is the one reduced. The reducing agent is the one oxidized.

    Au is plated out at the cathode and Cl2 is produced at the anode

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