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If you publish your work on lulu will it be in stores??

I was reading this website Self Publish a Book on lulu Step by Step

after I watch the video, I'm wondering since my book will be sold all over the world (that what is said in the video) will it be in stores

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    Your book will be in stores around the world -- only if you can convince each store to accept the book on consignment.

    Lulu does not place the books in stores.

    Note: I self-published a book of only local interest. I convinced a half dozen or so stores in town to carry the book on consignment. I went back to each store monthly to collect the 40% of the retail sales.

    Needless to say, I did not break even on this deal.

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    Distribute your content all over the world.

    Lulu can make your titles available in the world’s top print and eBook retail channels. Expand your audience with our robust distribution offerings:

    Print Distribution:

    In addition to the Lulu Marketplace, you can sell your print books on Amazon, BarnesandNoble, and other choice online retailers so customers can find your work in the places they already shop.

    eBook Distribution:

    Lulu offers free eBook distribution to the Apple iBookstore℠, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK™ Bookstore, and the Lulu Marketplace so you can reach readers even faster on their favorite devices with just a few clicks of a button.

    source: lulu

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    That may be true -- but it will cost you money.

    Laruen -- write the book first. Don't worry about publishing it until you have a finished and polished manuscript!

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    i know i know!

    besides it's for free

    publishing on lulu is for FREE

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    Publishing is free. Distributing and selling the book is not free.

    After you've written, proofread, edited, and polished a couple of chapters, I'll be glad to read it and comment on them.

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    Thank you

    then how come on the site there was a chart on types of distributions:


    ibooks (Apple iBooks - Readers may purchase your books on the iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices.)

    Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Book Store
    Readers may purchase your books with the Nook and Nook application.

    Your book will be made available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain stores.

    where it says cost they all say FREE

    this is from the exact site (lulu)

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