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Homework Help: calculus

Posted by andy on Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 1:41pm.

the graph (x^5-15*x^3 +10) is sketched without axes and not to scale. I found f'(x), set it to zero and got x=0, x=3, x=-3. these are critical numbers? I plugged them into original equation to find y (?) and got (0,10),3,-152)(-3, 172). I have to show for what intervals (for x) is the function increasing, decreasing,I don't get this and then I found for F'' for concativity and got 20x^3-90x = 0.and came up with (+/-)2.121 ...points of inflection but I don't know what to do with this as I need the intervals for concave up/down. Do I plug these in for (x) in the original equation too? If these are the x-values for inflection, how do I solve for the y as I have to graph points of inflection too. I also have to determine max and minvalues of (y) if x is restricted to the interval (1,5) Thanks Much

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