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Homework Help: Literacy

Posted by Deandrah on Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 3:36am.

When using the Internet as an information source, it's important to remember that
A. scholarly sources have a domain name ending in .sch.
B. Web sites are permanently archived in the Invisible Web.
C. The Public Web is the best choice because it's free.
D. you must evaluate Web sites for accuracy, authority, and objectivity

12. Search engines are most useful for finding
A. scholarly journal articles.
B. books in a library.
C. course information.
D. Web sites.

16. Which one of the following services is provided through the Ask-a-Librarian feature in the Penn Foster
A. An analysis of an issue presented in your course
B. A historical date or the source of a quote
C. An informed opinion on how to improve your graded project
D. A full list of materials you’ll need for your research

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