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Two spaceships A and B are exploring a new planet. Relative to this planet, spaceship A has a speed of 0.54c, and spaceship B has a speed of 0.74c. What is the ratio DA/DB of the values for the planet's diameter that each spaceship measures in a direction that is parallel to its motion?

I keep getting 1.37 which is the incorrect answer. I understand in general how to do the problem, but I must be missing a step

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    D(A)=D•√(1- β1²)=D•√(1- 0.54²)=0.842•D
    D(B)=D•√(1- β2²)=D•√(1- 0.74²)=0.673•D
    D(A)/D(B)= 0.842/0.673=1.25

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    Interesting. Im glad I wasn't to far off on the answer. Makes me feel a little better about everything. Thank you so much!!!

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