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algebra 2

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The red spinner has six equal sectors labeled with numbers 1 through 6. The blue spinner has four equal sectors labeled with letters A, B, C, and D. Find the probability of spinning the two spinners and getting a number less than three with a B or D.

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    Assume spinning of both spinners are random and independent of each other.

    Red spinner is labeled 1 to 6, consequently the event of spinning less than three is 1 or 2 (two outcomes) out of 6 possible outcomes for a probability of 2/6=1/3.

    Blue spinner has 4 sectors (4 possible outcomes). The event of spinning B or D means 2 outcomes out of the 4 possible, with a probability of 2/4=1/2.

    Since the spinners are independent, the joint probability of getting both events happening is the product of the two individual probabilities.

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