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Solve. Leave the answers in terms of pi ?.
a)Find a polynomial for the sum of the areas of the circles shown in the figure.
b)Find the sum of the areas when r = 5 and r = 11.3.
this is what I got but I did not do it right. I needed to To write an expression for the sum, i need to put everything together by adding the three terms that i wrote below but not sure how to start.
Large circle: A=pi*r2, Medium circle A=pi*32, Small circle A=pi*22

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    Anna, I saw this post yesterday, and hoped you would realize that you can't post figures or pictures, so we can't see " the circles shown in the figure".

    Do you have 2 separate circles, not overlapping ?
    if so, then
    for r=5 , area = π(5^2) = 25π
    for r = 11.3, area = π(11.3^2) = 127.69π
    so the total area = 25π + 127.69π = 152.69π
    You seem to have that answer.

    btw, to show exponents use the ^ key
    e.g. 5^2 = 25

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