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The probability that a radish seed will germinate is 0.6. Estimate the probability that of 130 randomly selected seeds, exactly 90 will germinate.

Note: I keep getting the answer wrong.

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    This is a binomial distribution with parameters N=130, p=0.6, r=90
    =5.3347282074*10^33*1.0804695562359849*10^-20 * 1.2089258196146345*10^-16

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    But, I'm suppose to use the normal distribution approximation to the binomial distribution.

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    Glad that you mentioned that an approximation is required. The question asks for exactly 90 seeds, which is discrete.

    Here's how I would proceed to approximate a discrete random variable from a continuous distribution.

    "Exactly 90" is approximately equal to the random variable X=89.5 to 90.5.
    We can generally approximate a binomial distribution by a normal distribution when np>5. Here np=130*0.6=78 > 5, so approximation will be reasonable.

    The equivalent μ=np=78


    Here, we are dealing with a small difference of two probabilities, so normal tables (on paper) by interpolation may or may not be adequate. I suggest you use a calculator with a Z function, or use a normal distribution calculator online, such as:

    Using 5 digits, I get
    P(X=90.5)=0.98738, and
    (remember to use the respective Z-values when looking up probabilities)

    (approximated using normal distribution)

    (compared with value of 0.00697 using the binomial distribution).

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    No wonder I keep getting the wrong answer. Thank you so much for helping me how to get the answer. Now I know how to do the next problem which is similar to this problem.

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    You're most welcome.
    I am glad things are working out.
    Post if you have difficulties.

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