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Posted by JJ on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 7:52pm.

There are four charges, each with a magnitude of 2.65 microcoulombs. Two are positive and two are negative. The charges are fixed to the corners of a 0.408-m square, one to a corner, in such a way that the net force on any charge is directed toward the center of the square. Find the magnitude of the net electrostatic force experienced by any charge.

I'm pretty confused, but this is what I think I should do for a start. If I were to draw a square and label the charges at the 4 corners q1, q2, q3, and q4 starting at the top left corner and numbering around clockwise; then put q1 and q4 as negative, and q2 and q3 as positive. This would direct the force inward, I believe? Then I think another force on each would point away from the square? So, if I were to pick to solve for q2, then would it be F21 + F31 for the force on q2? I'm also unsure if I have to consider the second force on each charge and use cos and sin for the x and y axis? Help would be very appreciated.

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