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finite math

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A box contains 14 balls (10 red and 4 white). Three balls randomly drawn out of the box. Determine the following probabilities:
P(three red balls)=
P(two red and one white)=
P(one red and two white balls)=
P(three white balls)=

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    You didn't say if the balls are returned, but in most of these type of questions, they would not be returned
    I will assume they are not returned to the box.

    Prob(3 red) = (10/14)(9/13)(8/12) = ...

    Prob(2 red, one white)
    could be RRW, RWR, WRR
    prob = 3(10/14)(9/13)(4/12) = ....

    Study my method I used above, then apply the same method to the last two.

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