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Posted by rfvv on Monday, July 16, 2012 at 1:30am.

I helped my mother wash the dishes.

I helped my mother clean the house.

I helped my mother ironing some clothes.

I vacuumed the floor.

I cleaned the floor with a mop.

I cleaned the study which was messy.

I cleaned the veranda where there were a lot of items such as books, audio tapes, etc.

I wiped the floor of the dining room with a broom and a dustpan.

I helped my mother do the laundry.

I helped my father clean the car.

I watched a soap opera on TV by myself.

I did my math homework.

I did three kinds of homework with my friends.

I went to one of my friend's house and played computer games there.

I went to a PC room and played Star Craft with others on line.

I went to a singing room to enjoy singing with my friends.

I went to a billiards room to play billiards with my close friends.

I went to my friend's office and ate jajangmyeon together.

I went to my friend's factory and had dinner together after he finished his work.

(Would you check the sentences? Are they all grammatical? Thank you.)

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