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Posted by ALex on Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 4:39pm.

So I did a titration experiment using 0.01 M potassium permanganate. In an erlenmeyer flask I placed a mass sample of FeSO4- with enough DI water to have a total volume of 20-25ml. I recorded the volume of MnO4- it took for the solution to change color (react). I performed a total of three trials (each with different but close to-each-other masses) and recorded the volume of MnO4- for each. From these results, I have to find out the mass of Fe2+ and the mass of SO4-. How do I do that?

Here are the results I got:
Mass sample (g):
Trial 1: 0.257
Trial 2: 0.257
Trial 3: 0.255

Volume MnO4- (ml):
Trial 1: 20.83
Trial 2: 20.78
Trial 3: 20.39

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