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what is the total ionic equation for
AlPO4(aq)+3NaOH(aq)=Al(OH)3(s)+ Na3PO4, I am not sure I am right

I have

Al+PO4(aq)+Na3+OH3() --> Al+OH3+Na3+PO4

but then everything crosses itself out and I don't have a net.
what am I doing wrong?

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    It makes it more complicated but we really should include the charges. Your main problem is that Al(OH)3 is a solid and does NOT break out ions. If you included the phases it might have kept you from making that error.

    Al^3+(aq) + PO4^3-(aq) + 3Na+(aq) + 3OH^-(aq) ==>Al(OH)3(s) + 3Na^+(aq) + PO4^3-(aq)

    Now when you start crossing out you can't eliminate Al^3+ nor 3OH^- so the net ionic equation is
    Al^3+(aq) + 3OH^-(aq) ==> Al(OH)3(s)
    Have you memorized the simple solubility rules. That would have told you Al(OH)3 is insoluble. Here is a simplified set of solubility rules.

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